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December 04, 2010

Giving thanks, giving gifts!

We are going to play! Yooheeeeey!

Last year I tried to play a game with international bloggers (see this post), but nobody wanted to play :(. So, I'm doing it again this year as I'm an optimistic person ;).

This year?

It will be similar, but still different from the last year.
Every post in December will have a task in which you can participate.
If you will do it all the way, you will be a candidate for a reward. I will not tell how many 'candies' will be and what they are. It's a secret, you will just have to trust me :)!
You will get more instructions in the next posts, for today, I just wanted to ask you: are you in?

If you say: yeeeeeees!, then you have two little tasks waiting for you today (let's call it a warm-up):

  1. if you're going to play the game, copy and paste the button (above) to your sidebar of your blog and link it with this post or this blog.
  2. spread the word about it (on your blog, facebook, twitter...) - what you prefer.
If you do that, then you are automatically in and ready to play!!

I'm looking forward to play with you already!!
Have fun!

1 comment:

TIKA said...

I'm playing with you on my english blog. Thanks and have fun!

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