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December 06, 2010


These days, I'm holding in my hands a heavy, bulky book, which I adore! This is definitely a book that I would like to have at home on the shelf and close. I am discovering interesting words, our culture, past, present, people...

(the book has a title: Slovenian ethnological lexicon)

In this book, I discovered a word that I've known for long, but I didn't know that it has such wonderful meaning:
folklore = knowledge of the people
Isn't it great? What comes to your mind when someone says 'knowledge of the people'? Isn't this an infiiiiniiiiteeeeee thought??
I've discovered more words like that which expanded my horizons, stimulated my imagination and inspired me for new ideas, new researching! The real revival!!

Therefore, this time I will say thanks to those who maintain that knowledge, spread it further, take care of it that it doesn't fade away. This knowledge of the people is not self-evident, does not fall from the sky... It provides a solid foundation for generations coming behind them and a safe home when we are afraid. Knowledge of the people deserves more attention and more respect, so this post and thanks are dedicated to it today...
Hm, what kind of knowledge, thoughts, words will I leave behind?

Question No. 1:
which word, saying, thought, act, practice, tradition is close to you and you're grateful for the 'people's knowledge' that it was not forgotten? Which one pleases you, strengthens, protects, comforts you? Perhaps that's a dialectal word that makes you laugh, a custom, which touches your heart, a wise thought from your ancestors that you carry in your soul...
I can't wait to hear your 'story'! :)

We play the game as the game is a fundamental of the creative process. With your cooperation, we will expand our horizons, learn something interesting, we will learn about each other, we might even get inspired!... Besides, you can earn a reward if you participate in the game all the time. (Read the rules of the game in the previous post: here).
Responses and comments on all posts can be written at any time in December, until the game is not finished (you will be notified), as I know that this is a month when there's a lot of rush, a lot of care and we almost forget to enjoy a holiday season.
In my posts you will be reminded just of that: to listen to yourself, to dive into yourself, to stop for a moment, to breathe... at least for a minute or two - that we will feel warmth in our hearts and get closer.

Welcome to the Creatissimo game! It's nice to play with you! :)

1 comment:

TIKA said...

I learned folk wisdom from my grandmother and I remember she used to say that "silence is golden."

I have that in mind many times and many times I'm sorry for words I have spoken and I shouldn't have.

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