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Welcome... the CREATISSIMO blog! If you are (or you want to be) creative, join us here and share your works, thoughts, tips, ideas, etc. with us. We all want to be creative together! We want to focus on creative process, so don't worry if you're not 'talented' (you will see that you are!). Just stop by and talk to us, ok?
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PS1: My English is not perfect, but at least it's creative! ; ) Sorry for the mistakes...
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October 31, 2010

Celtic tradition

Halloween - a celebration which has its roots in Celtic culture reminded me of the Celtic knots. And Celtic knots reminded me of Waldorf pedagogics.

(a picture from website: Celtic Cross stitch)

Form drawing, used by Waldorf pedagogics, is good for practicing coordination between eye and hand, pre-practice for handwriting, for better concentration (and calming down) and for balancing the left and right brain hemispheres.

Try it if you haven't tried it yet. It works!

You can see some form drawings on a website: Waldorf

October 27, 2010

Christmas cards... progress...

Red & white. (In English and Slovene)

Accepting preorders (e-mail me for details).

October 26, 2010

Creative studio - part 2

...where dreams come true...

It has been a while since you could have read this post about the planning of my creative studio.

Finally you can see some more (- in pictures and words). How my creative studio grew up from a plan to a real creative space - first the cabinets, then table, and then...

Check my kingdom on www Dom in Stil, when you click the link below:

A brief summary:
a) a creative table with the handles, which have many functions (and under the table handcarts with creative stuff: inks, colored pencils, aquarells, modelling materials, decor materials etc.)
b) hidden big ball for sitting (you can only see the handle)
c) hidden magnetic board (behind the corner)
d) small cabinets
e) cabinets with sliding doors (and creative stuff like paper, things for designing, creative and other literature, sketchbooks etc).
f) the open part of a cabinet with things like business folders, canvas, wooden frames, my 'experimental' book etc.

Hm, you might now ask where do I have paints and stamps and screenprinting stuff?? Well, more about that next time, so you better come and visit my blog again!

See Ya!

October 24, 2010

Divergent, creative, school...

...are the themes that my business Creatissimo is focused on. You can read something about that on my web site under the title Creative process.

But you can see and hear more about that in this fantastic video - a must to watch! About school, ADHD, creativity... (a lecture by: Sir Ken Robinson, animated by: Cognitive Media).

So, what do you say?

October 22, 2010

Guest blogging

All I've ever wanted was to become a Muse to somebody.

And today I tried to play that role. I'm guest blogging among the great Muses and am talking about Slovenia. Check it out here:

October 17, 2010


A busy but creative week is ahead of me.

Two meetings with people from the past.
Painting for the ex-tempore.
Writing a report.
And somewhere in between preparations for Xmas creative works.

(another photography 'from the neighbour' - from Austria)

Hm, if only my creative soul will want to fly...

October 15, 2010


Autumn on the hills...

autumn in the valleys...

and autumn in schools...

Have you noticed it?

October 12, 2010


...for the Xmas-New Year production...

(a detail of the screen for screenprinting)

I don't like to think about winter and cold colours during the beautiful, sunny and colourful fall. That's why no words today...


October 11, 2010


Nicely cold.

Our rattle above the vine is playing with the wind.

The ripe grapes are inviting us to taste them.

It's time for wine making, time for drinking wine, time for happiness...
Real October!

And there are lots of apples this year as well.
Some are falling down on the grass, and some are already in the shop here and here.

That's how it is at our place... in October...

How about at your place? Is it a good harvest?

October 08, 2010

A real story

(this picture is not a coincidence)

At the Post Office.
An old lady walks in: "Hello".
The staff member: "Hello."
The lady is waiting in a long line.
Finally, it's her turn.
"I would like to buy these and these stamps."
"Hm, but we do not have these."
"They ran out."
"What if I come tomorrow, will you have them?"
"Well, probably not."
"Hey, what kind of Post Office is this?"
"Well, ma'am, even the grocery shop sometimes runs out of the bread..."
Sneaky laughter of the stuff and other people waiting. Of course, a lady who wanted to buy the stamps at the Post Office has become a victim of laughingstock (plus she didn't get the stamps).
With her head bowed she went away.

Me still waiting in the line. Thinking.

Remembering a friend who once told me a real story.
In his town, everybody went to buy 'things' just across the border. The cause was not in smuggling, cheaper stuff or other "suspicious" transactions. The cause was elsewhere.
In that shop there was a nice man selling and he was the cause of these mass visits.

In the shop:
Buyer: "Good Day".
Seller: "Oh, hello, hello. Go ahead, go ahead. What would you like to buy today? "
"I need such and such screws."
"Ok." The seller finds out that he has no such and such screws. "Unfortunately they ran out. But no worries. You can wait here until I get them or you can do some shopping elsewhere and take the screws on the way back? "
'No, no, it's not necessary, I'll come some other time."
'Oh, they will be here soon, I'll just call another shop and I'll get them in an hour or so. Really."
'Well, if it so, I'll come again on the way back. "
Seller calls another shop. No screws there. He calls the third shop. They don't have them either. He calls another shop. They do have such and such screws. They agree to deliver. Within an hour the screws are in the shop of the seller...

What have I learned from these two stories?
If I was an employee at the Post, I would:
- call the other Post Office, if they have these and these stamps in stock.
- ask the lady (who, among other things, was not-so-young, and certainly hasn't come to the Post Office every day to annoy employees) if she could wait a bit.
- not let the lady wait in line to tell her that we run out of these and these stamps.
- throw out all that trashy stuff, and ugly toys, and candles, and plastic glasses, and things like that which don't belong into the Post Office and replaced them with these and these stamps, cards, letters, stationery of all colors and forms, packaging kits and other things that certainly belong into the Post Office. Yes, and I would make sure that the Post Office, where the first task is receiving and sending mail, doesn't run out of stamps. N-ever!

October 07, 2010

You can be...

...what you want to be, no matter what...

(here is something to inspire you)

Follow your dreams and create yourself a marvellous day!

October 05, 2010


...I feel better than yesterday and even better than over the weekend... I've got sick with a virus and I had to spend the weekend in bed.
After a special diet, full of vitamins, minerals, time without books, computer, phone, talking, etc, etc, I'm back on my feet and will be able to attend the openning of the exhibition in castle Turjak (today at 7 p.m. - you could read about it on my website and FBpage). There you can play a detective and look for my art work (actually, there are 3 ;) ).

If you can't make it, then you can make yourself busy with creative work. How about painting the wooden frame?!

Of course you will find the instructions how to do that on the www Dom in Stil, when you click the link:

If you don't know what kind of colour of the frame to choose for a particular painting, you'll find some tips about that in the article as well.

That's about it for today. Tomorrow...
Hm, tomorrow I'll have to be in even better shape as I'll have workshops with kids in one of the libraries. Ooops, I guess you've read about that on my website already, right?

Stay healthy and 'on the go'!

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