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January 27, 2010


This used to be a place where I went very often as a child.

There was an open air theatre in the summer and many wonderful exhibitions in this manor.
After some years, the manor became somebody's 'land' and started to get older and older. No more exhibitions there, no more 'us'.

Only recently they started to renovate it, but it is still 'untouchable' to us. They put a fence around it and the security system is on. We can't go there, we can't touch anything. Untouchable manor - we call it...

We are very sad to see it in that kind of condition, but, at least, our memories of the good times are 'untouchable' too. We will never forget the good times we had there...

January 14, 2010


This is another way to 'say' snow:

(thanks to my dear freiend from Estonia)

Eh, how can I think of spring, the Cultural day, Valentine's day, the Carnival etc. (I have to create gifts, decorations), if my legs walk me around into the beautiful winter wonderland??

It's easier to smell winter, listen to the silence, follow the morning sun and be the first to leave tracks in the snow.

Any suggestions?

January 05, 2010


New year.
New snow.

New plans.
New ideas.
In a new creative space.

I hope, you've got lots of new energy in the new year!

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