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Welcome... the CREATISSIMO blog! If you are (or you want to be) creative, join us here and share your works, thoughts, tips, ideas, etc. with us. We all want to be creative together! We want to focus on creative process, so don't worry if you're not 'talented' (you will see that you are!). Just stop by and talk to us, ok?
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PS1: My English is not perfect, but at least it's creative! ; ) Sorry for the mistakes...
PS2: You'll find a few words about me somewhere 'between the lines' of this blog, but you can also try to read a Slovene version on ; )

June 29, 2010

A workshop

At my workshops with the kids I like...

...if kids cooperate together, make ideas together and put them together on the paper

...if kids use their imagination and create together a very loooong and interesting story

...if kids take for themselves a bit of creative freedom and paint on their fingers or do something more that you didn't expect :)

(Pictures from todays' creative workshop 'Creative among the books in the Library').

June 26, 2010


Today, I quite accidentally fell into the historic times ...

My intention was to find a wall color for our renovated bedroom.
But quite accidentally, I ended up in the old part of Škofja Loka with my bike, where they spinned back the time today.

They enjoyed the delicious food from the old days,

home-made Medicines from the old times

and (young and old) enjoyed in the old, elegant clothes.

And some have been busy in their working uniform - creating some crafty works.

On the market we could find some handicraft products, which (with their simple beauty) still radiate perfection - even today!

Good thing that my NikonPikon was accidentally with me too, so that I could 'note' some highlights of the event and can now show them to you (if you happened to miss the event - quite accidentally).

Such unexpected 'accidents' are what I really like - always :)! - How about you?

June 25, 2010

Polka dots

Are you friends with polka dots?

With the Dom in Stil team we saw them everywhere!: check it out here.

How was your day today?
I was a good girl... What did I do, you ask? Well, you'll have to go to my creatissimolab facebook page to find the answer ;). (link on the right - the FB icon)
Have fun!

June 23, 2010

Do you watch...

... soccer?

Through my creative eyes it looks like this:

PS: It was Slovenia : England game today. Slovene team had to say goodbye. But life is still colourful, right? ; )

June 22, 2010

Yupie, it's summer time!

And in the summer I'm inspired by the fields like this one:

Do you remember the famous painter who used to paint Poppies? Have you ever tried to paint the fields with Poppies?

And if you do not believe that I have to record at least one picture of growing crops each year, check the last summer here:

June 21, 2010

Do you remember...

... this post? 'Right before'

Here is the result:

More on www Dom in Stil, if you click here:

And now we have a new bowl again! ;)
I bet there is at least one old bowl at your place waiting to be 'recycled', eh?

June 20, 2010

Have you noticed...

... that something is going on?

(from the exhibition in Austria - author unknown)

In fact, it's not going on much on the blog (as the weather is perfect for the creative things etc), because:

1. if you looked to the right sidebar, you could notice that two icons magically appeared there. If you click on them, you will broaden your horizons about what's on my mind and in my creative hands at that very moment.
  • On Twitter we can tweet about some brilliant ideas, sing about things that have been said already or chatt about little things and relax.
  • On Facebook you will see what is going on, what is in the process of creating and anything else what's going on with creatissimo. I'd love it if you become eager fan on the creatissimoLab FB page, so that I'll put even more effort in my work, create more and experiment more, more, more!
2. remaining the same under the Website tab, you will find the picture which linked to my website, but now the link is new, as I'm working on a new website! Yoohoo! Yes, finally the new website won't be so static as the old one and it will be in English and Slovene language - isn't that great?! I'm transmitting the content from the old site to the new, but slowly the site will be all transformed into a single 'image' of beauty :). Since the page is bilingual, the transformation will probably take a little longer to be done, so I thank you for your patience and understanding!

3. because of the new website a new need has emerged: a need for a neat international shop with my created products... Well, I plan to work on that over the summer because... we can't do everything at once, right????

4. then I finally sorted all the blogs from my endless list of blogs and added them to Google Reader. It took some time to do all that (esp. sorting into the folders etc.). Now I can tell you the good news, that I'm reading your blogs - every day(!)! Well, I just didn't catch the time to leave comments to you, yet. But I'll catch up, I promise!

5. I also installed a voice reading software, so that I can now listen to the content on computer and create at the same time! How cool is that, huh?! I'll need this in July when I'll start designing posters for a client...

To sum up. Too much sitting at the computer. Can not wait to hear the Flying lesson about time management. This is my urgent need!! I really don't feel good not having time for the comments, your blogs and for creative things at this moment. I hope I'll work on that soon! (and change something about it too). I love to be connected with you!

However, not all the things are grumpy; here is my happy news: the DomInStil team (and my blog) were presented on our national tv's website!! (see here) Aren't we great?

So much for today. Come visit my website, FB or T, if you're in the mood. I'll be happy to meet you there too! Have a great creative day!

June 18, 2010


Are you dreaming of the seaside vacation maybe?

I do. And although I'm not going on vacation (yet), I created a seaside atmosphere on my garden table already!

For the tutorial, jump here:

June 16, 2010

Two wolves and waffles

My creative workshops for children are prepared and based on the creative process, imagination and are promoting the qualities of each individual.
They are broad-based enough to let the children compose a whole 'story' from the ideas of all the individuals, and let the individuals participate in the creative process within their capabilities (both younger and older kids).

The workshop at the festival Veris in Logatec was designed to let the children, to be creative in all the creative fields: in artistic creativity, music (Veris Festival is a festival under the auspices of the music school) and drama creativity.
We learned non-verbal communication, tried to work on empathy and trained ourselves in improvisation.

That was fun!!

At first we did creative art. The young wolf helped as well:

Then we played the games Blind Mice, Hide and seek, and rolled on the floor laughing :) :

Finally, the little girl gave sweets to young wolf and the young wolf ate all the waffles, while the old wolf thought that the young wolf was eating the kids:

O, we laughed and had so much fun :)!
Children are always very original and open to the challenges!

Come and join us one day too! ;)

June 14, 2010

You have to try

You have to try this:

Esp. if you have a windy weather like we here.

More and the instructions here: for your shroud

June 13, 2010

A special place

Currently I have images like that in my mind:

This place inspires me so much that I can't wait to get some paint and brushes in my hands and start to paint. But I have to wait until July, so that my busy schedule settles down a bit... I just hope that until then my enthusiasm won't run away!?!?

June 10, 2010


...for the windy days...

If you would like to make your children busy or recycle your old CDs/DVDs, then I invite you to be creative and make your own shiny mobile. Mine already hangs in our garden:)

Jump here for the instructions: mobile

Any other ideas for recycling the DVDs?

June 09, 2010


Our neighbour had two cherry trees. One was reserved for us, the local children, the second one was reserved for them and was not for us. There was no need of course, because 'our' cherry tree was greater than theirs.
Each year we eagerly waited for the sign, when the cherries were ripe, so that we could climb and eat as much as we wanted.

Climbing on a very high cherry tree was the first adventure and a challenge, the second one was to eat as much as we've wanted. Our bellies have become true kegs! :)

Now we're adults and we don't do it anymore. I asked myself several times if I dare to climb a tree. I make a big fuss and make a whole ceremony to prepare a ladder, checking 10- times if it is safe to climb, etc., etc.. I'm sorry that I don't climb on trees anymore. I still remember the feeling of freedom when I was dangling from the highest branches...

However, the cherry-colored adventure with Dom in Stil team a few days ago was also fun! Even if rain surprised us in the middle of photoshooting.... Water was running behind our necks, into our shoes, on our cameras,... Umbrellas were travelling from hand to hand ... Have you ever tried to take pictures while you had an umbrella in one hand and a camera in the other??
We were good for a Candid Camera for sure! But, hey, we were creative, so that's not that bad, right?!

You'll find the cherry story and more pictures here:
Don't you just love those red-white-dotty combinations?!

Oh, well, I shouldn't talk too much about it - now my mouth waters at these thoughts... Yours?

June 06, 2010

Going on...

...a lot!

Have you noticed that I haven't been on-line a lot lately? What can I say? Things are going on, going on..., so there is a little time left for my hyperactive guy (read: my computer).

This week, my days were the days of learning, flying lessons, exploring my inner self, creating among the books, organizing disorganized, and some funny and exciting adventures somewhere in between.

All details very soon, when I will talk about:
*how I was filled with energy at expressive therapy
*how I worked on our family model at art therapy
*flying lessons with many creative souls and our guide Kelly Rae
*creating with children among the books in Ljubljana's libraries (more about that here: link)
*funny events with the Dom in Stil Team, when the rain interfered our work and photoshooting in the nature (you can read an introduction to the dramatic story of our adventures here: link, and see the first pictures here: link)

And while I was not here, I've got some new visitors on my blog! Yoopie! :) All of you who have visited my blog for the first time, I want to say to you: you are always welcome! I'd be glad if you comment, ask, suggest creative ideas and tell something about yourselves on my blog :).

And all of you, my loyal followers of my blog, thank you for all the encouraging and interesting comments, every-day visits, and for the words that make me think... I'm grateful for you :)!

You know, for some time I have a little surprise waiting to be delivered to one of you, my loyal followers... It may knock on your door very soon, who knows?! :) As you know, I don't let the machine to choose the 'winner', I always choose a person whom I admire (and thank) for his/her words, creative ideas, thoughts, effort a person puts into my life, my blog. I believe that we never know when just a word, a smile, a handshake makes someone happy and makes his/her life better. This can be you and this is maybe a meaning of your life!

I promise, I'll visit you and your blog as well. I did not forget you!
There's also a list of new 'flying' friends waiting for me. I checked a few blogs already, but I would like to leave some comments there - there are so many gorgeous posts out there, I can't wait to have time to explore all! I'm soooooo happy that I've joined the Kelly Rae's e-course and have now so many creative souls next to me to be inspired, supported and loved :)! Thank you, my new friends - it's great to fly with you all :)!

And last but not least, a while ago I promissed you more pictures from my wandering with my Tiny paintings... So here they are...
(Are not the Slovene coastal houses photogenic? "- See the pictures above...)

(and isn't that creative atmosphere super great?)

(and here are some yummy goodies:)

(and traditional costume of Primorska Region)

How about you? Have you visited any interesting places lately or have been creative these days? I can't wait to hear what you've been up to!!

June 01, 2010

How do you know...

...what is hiding behind the doors?

It's easy! - if you have 'room signs' on your walls ;)!

How you create them?... As always, find the instructions on www Dom in Stil, if you click:

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