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Welcome... the CREATISSIMO blog! If you are (or you want to be) creative, join us here and share your works, thoughts, tips, ideas, etc. with us. We all want to be creative together! We want to focus on creative process, so don't worry if you're not 'talented' (you will see that you are!). Just stop by and talk to us, ok?
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October 26, 2009

Blog silence

because of:

another ex-tempore

hiking over the hills

and valleys

working on www (sorry, it's in a Slovene language)

and other little things.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.
…am collecting fresh ideas, so stay tuned!...
(I hope, you're working on fresh ideas, too.)

October 18, 2009

Dressed chocolate

Zotter chocolates ‘wear’ the best designed chocolate wraps, I think.
You just have to love them! – because:
not only the chocolate is yummy,
not only that you have many (interesting) tastes to choose from,
not only the ingredients are organic and from fair trading,
but also they take a special care of design:

But not just that! You can create your own 'special occasion wrap design' for the chocolate and give the chocolate to your dear ones! Wouldn’t that be a cool surprise?!
Agh, you just have to love them!

But maybe you know some 'better dressed' chocolates or designs that you adore? Please, share them with us, chocolate people!

October 09, 2009

Autumn treasure hunt

Here is my autumn treasure hunt for the blog Drobtinice.

My No.1:



But here is more to share (because I just can't stop taking pictures!):



(The pictures were taken in Arboretum Volčji potok near Kamnik).

PS: Which one is your No.1?

October 07, 2009

Koper and Sweet Istria

The event Sweet Istria was really sweet.

Sweet atmosphere during the painting at ex-tempore and selling our works.

(artists Tanja-Pina Škufca and Matevž Škufca were inspired by boats)

and that's how I saw Sweet Istria

(a detail from my work)

(my work, which was sold and is now hanging in someone's living room)

With aworded sweets.

In a sweetly nice ambient.

Listening to a sweetly melodical music.

October 02, 2009

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