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December 13, 2010

Wishes, dreams... and what if they are all true?!

To this day I carry in my heart what I was taught years ago during my stay abroad. Where the most amazing dreams of mine became true. Where I grew internally and started to believe in 'miracles'.
And there I realized that the key is only in aid of helping others to realize their dreams.

(from my photoalbum - Once Upon a Time in America)

There were people who helped me on the street and gave me a ticket which has changed my course of life. There were people
of a different race who have taught me to love life and sing with my soul. There were people who have done more than I've asked and published my work - just from their pure enthusiasm. There were people who sat beside me on the bench and gave me a drawing to bring me happiness... and much, much more...
Today I want to thank all the people who have helped to achieve my dreams! I want to give that happiness to others too!

(from my photoalbum - Once Upon a Time in Denmark)

Since then, I always have wishes, dreams... - that kind that would help me to help the others.
Currently these are my dreams (some say they are too ambitions and that they will never come true, but I hope, I believe, I don't give up...):
  • have art therapy for victims of violence and help them as much as possible to get back to their inner self
  • complete a book about interviews for parents, educators, teachers and all who work with people; that they will be better at work, and then find people who will want my book
  • meet someone who would donate to me, lend (with confidence) or otherwise help to gather some digital cameras for the phototherapy workshops for socially vulnerable persons, in order to carry out a special project for them and with them
  • have an exhibition that will not only show my works, but visitors would be inspired to create; and find a gallery or a place where this idea would be supported
  • find someone to help me with some advice on the methodology for my specialistic research (post-grad. thesis)
  • find a person in Austria who could tell me more about their system of art therapy, work with victims of violence or other similar programs (or just find a friendly contact in Austria for a start)
  • meet a person who would help me with creating (finishing) an animated film with a child, victim of violence

These are currently my biggest wishes, which would have helped me to make other people's dreams come true.

Question no.4 (rules of the game can be found in the first and second post):
What are your wishes, dreams? Those that are not there for you, but because you know that will help - through you - to others?
Write them down, even if they sound so impossible, 'unrealistic', strange! And though everybody say to you that they are too crazy to be true! I can tell you that I had the wildest dreams come true when I was abroad, for which I still think they were like a beautiful dream. It is time to let our dreams out!

Actually I have an idea!
Read mine and dreams of others in the comments - and perhaps you will be The One who can help (with the proposal, reference, recommendation to a friend, or even you personally) to the realization of our dreams! Such pure help is brilliant and powerful - this would be the best thing I could imagine that my blog would give you or that this year would bring: your and my joy at the realization of our dreams! Let us help Us and prove that dreams Are reality!

Take your time and listen to the most hidden, silent dreams, tell them to us and we will do our best to see if we can make them true!
Thank you!


sonyamacdesigns said...

helping others is the only WAY and sometimes you don't even know you're the help

Jess said...

I love this post. I have an older digital point-and-shoot camera I'm not using. I would love to donate it to your cause. Email me your address to

Anonymous said...

Way to go... put it out there in the universe. I have my dream... it is coming along... a way to go yet. By the end of 2011 I will have my business online and running. It's gonna be great. I need to make a timeline. That will kick me in the butt! Cheers, and good luck!

TJ said...

Good for you listing your dreams. I think if we really want things then it's important to tell the world!!

Can I ask why you want an Austrian contact? I have many German, Swiss and Dutch friends I can ask, but no Austrian contacts.

I hope the universe helps make all your dreams come true! Happy creations from tj

Creatissimo said...

TJ, Austria..., well because it's the closest to my country and I could go there to check it out if htere was a chance. But of course, any info about the system in any country (art therapy with victims of crime esp. children) would help to get a new perspective or something to try it here. Thanks for asking! (If you know anyone, he/she can contact me directly via email). I'm really thankful for your support!

Debbie said...

I am in love with your post, it has moved me in so many way. I feel like I have heard a call to action. You can bet your bottom dollar that I'm on it now. First off I have a camera I would love to donate and I can locate more if your truley interest. Drop me an email at include a shipping address for the camera. I also believe that art can heal any broken soul. I come from a not to functional family, with a lot of childhood bagage and through art I have been able to set myself free. Please keep me updated, my dream is to help your dream come true.

Jodene Shaw said...

First...thanks for your kind words over on my blog this morning.
Second...I was so excited to read of your dream to do the art and photography therapy for victims of violence. I have had the same idea/desire. And was thinking of gathering some volunteers with digital cameras to gather and do a photo walk with some women/children in a local shelter. I look forward to hearing how your steps go in this process, and I will share when I am able to start this as well. I am very interested in the same things that you listed! We shall keep in touch!!

Merry Christmas to you!
love & grace to a sister flying friend,
jodi shaw

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