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Welcome... the CREATISSIMO blog! If you are (or you want to be) creative, join us here and share your works, thoughts, tips, ideas, etc. with us. We all want to be creative together! We want to focus on creative process, so don't worry if you're not 'talented' (you will see that you are!). Just stop by and talk to us, ok?
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PS1: My English is not perfect, but at least it's creative! ; ) Sorry for the mistakes...
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February 28, 2011

Your secret

While I'm sick and am not able to spend much time at the computer, I'm leaving you with yourself and your secret... Enjoy!

Your secret from Jean-Sebastien Monzani on Vimeo.

February 25, 2011

Warm, cold?

Don't forget the warm clothes if you're cold :)

And when you feel warm, check out the fresh news at our CreatissimoLab's Facebook page and phototherapy project blog. There's great news everywhere!!

Today was 'not-so-good' day for me, but I'll talk about it some other time in my next posts, so be mentally ready for another 'cruel truth'. Oh, I'm so angry!

Stay warm and have fun!

PS: the actions are still going on a few more days/hours, and maybe there are going to be some new ones in the future, so check this post often for the latest changes. You are welcome to join us!

February 18, 2011

Phototherapy Project

With an iron will and step-by-step I've made some progress with the phototherapy project.

(iron will)

The thrill is still growing as March is near by, when the wheels will start turning. Before that, I still have a whole lot of logistics and formalities to do, but I remain optimistic! :)

I am pleased to inform you that I finally succeeded to create a special page about the project on my website and a blog, where you will read about the progress of the project. There you will find a few words about phototherapy, the project and how you can help too!

(click on the pictures to jump to the phototherapy site or blog:)

And there you'll even find a harsh truth about the co-financing projects through tenders and grants, and the reasons why I decided for the path of donating...
I will be delighted if you will support the project; if not otherwise, at least with a special 'button' and link to the site to spread the word about the project. Thank you for your effort, time and support!

(button - link it to the www.creatissimolab/phototherapy)

These days, I have lots of books all around the place. This is currently my best friend ;) :

But still I don't have all the books I need. The story of books is an interesting one as well:
some books are held by certain professors, even though they supposed to be 'public'. It is a miracle if you are able to get access to those books, even if it just for the insight (um, from which money the universities bought the books??). Another fact is that it is necessary to sign in to the library (it is not free), even if you just want to borrow a book for a couple of hours and are willing to leave a personal document there to make it 'official'...
So, if you happen to know someone who has these books and are willing to help me with some info, I would be really thankful!
- Noah Hass-Cohen: Art therapy and clinical neurosience
- and something from David Mclagan who talks about aesthetics in art therapy. I'm not sure which article/book talks about that:
  • Between the aesthetic and the psychological
  • The aesthetic dimension of art therapy...
  • Psychological Aesthetics (book)
- books by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi about Flow and Creativity and flow

(It's amazing how much time I have spent on discussing about things that should be publicly available...)

Thanks to your support I have enough energy to overcome all the obstacles on the way and keep on going. :)

Let me now thank for another donation. I've got it from Vladka. Not only that, she sent a contribution for the project, she surprised me with her beautiful hand-made card, full of symbolism and good wishes :)! Look how beautiful it is!

(Hand-made by Vladka)

And such gestures are the most wonderful companions on the steep roads, particularly when we are faced with the obstacles. Thanks, Vladka!

Thank you everyone who will spread the word about the project, and who will in any way contribute to the joy of the hearts of children!

All the best!

February 15, 2011


When dance choreographer and animator get together and create an amazing work! Poetical!

Thought of You from Ryan J Woodward on Vimeo.

How it all started (the creative process)? Check it out here.

February 14, 2011

Sweet hearts

Thank you with all my heart to all of you, sweet hearts, who follow my blog, visit my FB page and Twitter tweets.

What would we do without friends, eh?
Show your friends that you love them! If you don't know how, I can give you a suggestion: my little gift book Mačji recepti z mišjo prilogo.

That's what they've written about it:
"In the cute little book Mačji recepti z mišjo prilogo, the cats and mice give us advice for long-lasting friendship and true love."

But if you have other things in your mind, like sweet hearts...

Have you ever wondered how Valentine's sweets were made in the old times and where you could have found them? Check it out and see yourself - on the photos from my old photo-album:

(hot love?)

(squeezing hearts?)

(and what flavour is your love?)

Love each other - on Valentine's Day and always!

PS: In the previous post I'm still waiting for your creativity to show. Aren't you creative lately?? You can show us more works, ideas... if you can't decide for only 'the one' ;)

February 09, 2011

What can creativity do?

Creativity has no limits!

Show us your inspiring creativity without any limits! Enter your name on the list with the url, which is linked to your the most inspiring, creative post, picture, work... and blow us away with your inspiration! Thank you (the list will close on 9.3.2011)

Create yourself some marvellous days!

PS: a week or two to go and then, I hope, I'll be back on track and work with a normal speed :)

February 08, 2011


Remembering our poet France Prešeren.

You can find out about Prešeren in my last year's post Our Cultural Day.

February 06, 2011

Creative Zagreb

Somehow I was able to find a few minutes (and I really mean 'a few minutes'!) in Zagreb to visit another creatively colored art market, in a nice ambient where the market was perfectly set up in (the art works had 'space' to 'breath').
I enjoyed it! (I guess it shows on the photographs, eh?)

(a fitting ambient; with works:...)

( reduced color palette)

( colored color palette)

( natural palette)

(...and in B/W palette)

Oh, how my fingers wanted to create!...

Unfortunately, it was no time to record the names of the artists of those interesting creative works :(.

How about you? Have you been to any exhibitions lately or to an inspiring market?

February 04, 2011

Zagreb too

More impressions from Christmas Market in Zagreb, where I was last December.

You could find:

Hand-made works (warm, printed on fabric, to hang on, to wear)...

and also those with Xmas themes and romantic look...

Of course, you could find my works there (these, on the picture were the most looked at - the blue collection) and me too ;)...

That was luck, as I was able to meet and chat with the dear creative bloggers from Croatia. Before, I only knew them via their blogs. It was so great to meet them personally! Now I even more love to visit their blogs! Why don't you visit their blogs too:

February 02, 2011

Zagreb (Croatia)... the pictures...


(perfect architecture)


(a market with a style)


(calming atmosphere)

*December 2010

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