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Welcome... the CREATISSIMO blog! If you are (or you want to be) creative, join us here and share your works, thoughts, tips, ideas, etc. with us. We all want to be creative together! We want to focus on creative process, so don't worry if you're not 'talented' (you will see that you are!). Just stop by and talk to us, ok?
Here's my e-address to talk to me 'in person':
PS1: My English is not perfect, but at least it's creative! ; ) Sorry for the mistakes...
PS2: You'll find a few words about me somewhere 'between the lines' of this blog, but you can also try to read a Slovene version on ; )

December 31, 2009


I'd like to show you a few precious books that inspire me sometimes.

A book Makalonca (written by the Slovene writer F.S.Finžgar) with wonderful design and illustrations by famous Slovene architect Jože Plečnik.

I like Plečnik's works, because he was very creative, inovative, he put much attention to details, and he used the materials from the area where he built the architecture...
My freind, who knows that I adore Plečnik, gave me a special book about Plečnik, written in Czech language! Here are some pictures from the book:

Just for the holidays, I've got another precious book, called 'Art in All of Us'. Magnificant photos, happy children from all around the World are a perfect inspiration for the year 2010. I wish we would laugh more and feel like a child more often...
I wish us happiness!

Although I talk about books, I think, they are not the books that are precious. It's the feeling that touches our heart, our soul when we 'see' something. It can be anything: a blue sky, a lonely bird, a big tree, a smile in someone's eyes, a nice thought, etc. Anything that makes us 'awake' is precious.
So, I wish you many precious moments in the year 2010!

Happy New Year and
come and visit often!

December 24, 2009

Happy Holi-days!


Thank you for the visits, comments, nice words, ideas, warm wishes! I cherish them and spread them around! Without you and your support it wouldn't work. Thank YOU!

If you didn't find unique, handmade, interesting, special Xmas-New Year gifts yet, you can find them here - they are waiting for you!!

Agh, and here is another question (no.4) for you: what kind of music you would recommend for Xmas (if we skip: Last Christmas, Do they know it's Christmas..., Silent Night...)?

For the rules to play jump here. (You can answer all the questions any time you want, if you joined us only today). The game will end on the last day of the year.

December 21, 2009

Universal Ljubljana

This is our capital last Xmas.

I still have to check it out what's new this year.

Besides Xmas lights, you will find some neatly decorated tiny shops in the Old part of Ljubljana.

Here is a question No.3, if you want to get a Xmas present from me:
Do you notice (and like) nicely decorated shops or it doesn't matter to you?

For the rules to play jump here. (You can answer all the questions any time you want, if you joined us only today). The game will end on the last day of the year.

December 16, 2009

Eco Xmas cards

Everyone wants to surprise their dear ones with something special, something nice. I still love the old-fashioned way: handmade Xmas cards.

Today I will show you my 'eco Xmas cards'. They are made from used stamps, paper and small objects which are found everywhere around your home. You just choose the right colour combination (blue, red, silver etc.) to make your cards neat and in harmony.

You will need:
a – colour paper for your cards. The best is A4 format which is folded on half into A5 (in my case I used silver-blue paper). Bigger format of the card makes a greater effect and more creative freedom.
b – winter motives cut out of brochures, magazines, newspaper - in the right colours (mine are blue-red)
c – other interesting objects in the right colour (our cell-phone cards are useful sometimes)
d – used stamps from the country that you come from (to let the person know from where you are ;) )
e – used stamps from other countries – to 'talk' about peace, harmony, equal human rights, love
f – you can add some small Xmas decorations like stars from felt, snowflakes etc. (still in the right colour combination, of course)
g – and you can add some other objects from wood, metal etc. (I chose the ladybug to bring good luck)

You first organise every object on the card and when you're happy, glue everything on the Xmas card paper.
This way you will recycle lots of stamps, paper and other small things. Besides, you will make unique Xmas cards, isn't that great?!

It's good to sort your things (by the colour) for the cards before you start the creative process.

Here are some examples. This one is in orange-red-pink... combination

and here are some in red and white.

And here is a question No.2, if you want to get a Xmas present from me:
What kind of a Xmas card or greeting surprised you the most so far? (Maybe it was unique, unusual, no greeting at all…?)

For the rules to play jump here. (You can answer all the questions any time you want, if you joined us only today. The game will end on the last day of the year.

December 10, 2009

Giving thanks, giving gifts

When days are shorter and cold, it's time for warm hugs and gifts. It's time to give thanks to those you care about and show them your love and care with the gifts...

Therefore, first, this is my thanks to:
  • Drobtinice for the cute little gift via snail-mail

  • my friend Irma for the dreams
  • children for inspiration
  • loyal readers, viewers who like my stuff
  • my 'agent', who spreads the word of creatissimo around

  • the handy-guy, who creates a new creative space for me
  • our house which keeps us under one roof
  • and finally thanks to all the others who are modest, anonymous, silent, undetected, tiny, but have a biiiig heart for me and for other people.

After 'thanksgiving' comes the time for gifts of thanks. My gifts are on the go from December 1 already. They found some new owners in Logatec and they are still travelling around the World...

But some selected gifts are waiting, waiting for you. They are wrapped in a secret. They will be shown to the new owners only.
You'll have to make some effort to win a gift!

The rules to play are here:
  1. Every December post will have a question or a task to do. Comment every single one to get more 'points'.
  2. Write about creatissimo on your blog and link to it. Those who will do so many times, they will move higher on a gift-list.
  3. If you will have creatissimo on your blog list (your side-bar) to show that you read it every day, will automatically move to the 'priority' gift-list.
  4. Everyone who will participate with original ideas, using other media as well (music, poetry, video, photos, doodles, etc.), will be on the winning list for sure! Be creative!
The winner will not be picked by the machine, but personally by creatissimo. The more points you get, more chances to win a gift/gifts.

So, let's start the happy December! (But don't forget! - This is just a game, not a battle!)

Here is the first question for you: which part of your body is the most recognizable - it shows that you are 'you'? Write, draw, describe, sing ... The key to the secret gift is in your hands!

Good luck!

November 24, 2009

November 19, 2009

Work in progress

A detail from my desk (it is too messy to show everything! ; )). Shiny materials everywhere…

Waiting for Xmas…

Waiting to be cut…

Waiting to begin the process…

Come and see the results - we'll be in Logatec on December 4!

November 16, 2009

Montessori kindergarten

I would like to go to the Montessori kindergarten...

...because of the wonderful wooden materials: finally learn 'math':

...or to explore other areas: love nature: prepare food for myself:

...and to have my own place in the group...

And who wouldn't love

washing hands in the colourful bathroom...

...or cleaning the floor with colourful tools?!

November 04, 2009


Hello, friends! Here are some new things from Creatissimo.
First: Creatissimo web site is finally open, but I'm sorry, it's in Slovene language only. I'm sure, some day in the future it will be in English as well. But you can check it out anyway. Just click on the picture:

You will see everything what Creatissimo offers:

Under No.6 (Prodaja ustvarjenih del), you can see some art works that are on sale at the moment. If you are interested in any of these products, please, contact me via e-mail. Thanks!

Second: Here are some pictures of the beautiful autumn which was here just two days ago. But now, some parts of Slovenia are covered with snow!! (Not here, at my place, unfortunately)…

Third: A new thought for you… A sound makes vibes. Here you can see a pattern, made by my voice, and a photo of almost identical pattern from the nature.

(photos, taken in Avstria)

And here is a thought: what kind of vibes we allow around us? What kind of voices we send out to our friends, family, etc.? At music therapy we focus on this issue a lot, because we believe that the voice is very important in a healing process and in the life in general as well.
I hope that your choices are good choices – sounds in harmony, a pleasant melody maybe?… Vibes that create nice patters, not a chaos.
Anyway, I wish you the ‘good vibes’ every day! :)

October 26, 2009

Blog silence

because of:

another ex-tempore

hiking over the hills

and valleys

working on www (sorry, it's in a Slovene language)

and other little things.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.
…am collecting fresh ideas, so stay tuned!...
(I hope, you're working on fresh ideas, too.)
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