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Welcome... the CREATISSIMO blog! If you are (or you want to be) creative, join us here and share your works, thoughts, tips, ideas, etc. with us. We all want to be creative together! We want to focus on creative process, so don't worry if you're not 'talented' (you will see that you are!). Just stop by and talk to us, ok?
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PS1: My English is not perfect, but at least it's creative! ; ) Sorry for the mistakes...
PS2: You'll find a few words about me somewhere 'between the lines' of this blog, but you can also try to read a Slovene version on ; )

May 27, 2010

Print it...

...for free! (and put it in the frame and show it to the World!)

Where? At www Dom in Stil of course when you click here:

water can

May 25, 2010

Right before...

...I get into action... my creative table looks like this (this time):

*'uniformed' table (that's how I call it)
*ceramic tiles for work surface (white, of course! -why? Well I'll tell you one day)
*redesigned pasta machine
*flattening tools in many shapes and sizes
*cutting tools
*gloves for 'surgical' work
*stamps and inks
*baking paper for 'just in case'
*a piece of polymer clay
*things to cover with polymer clay
*other little things which might be helpful
And the idea is there too, but since it is invisible, you can't see it on the picture ;).

How about your creative tables? - will you show them to us, curious people?

May 24, 2010

We were... (with this great view and with lots of sunshine):

It was great, sunny, creative, with a few drops of rain and naughty wind, with lots of chatting, messy creativity and good things like exchanging our experiences. What a creative bomb! ;)

I guess you already know that I will show pictures from there soon, today I have a work to do on my creative table (I'm a bit late, hmmm). I might take a picture of it to show you that my creative table changes 'scenes' like the weather in April: last week there were tiny pictures, this week something totally different... And something shiny in between too! ;).

So see you soon!

May 21, 2010

So, what do you say?

We're going to Primorska tomorrow, my little pictures and me (and other stuff too ;)).

Here are a few finished works.
They are small - from 7,5 x 7,5 to 15 x 15 cm.
The theme is: fields.

First one was inspired by golden crops. Wheat field with its golden color radiates warmth, softness, peace. Everything around us 'fades' and leaves 'footprints' in our mind, while golden crops invite us to a new adventure.

Next picture shows cultivated fields. There's a tractor resting overthere and you can see remained straw and golden crops. People wrote songs, literary works, newspapers about fields, so I added a script on the painting.

This one is celebrating old farm tools that were used in the field. You can also see a calendar (as field works were strongly associated with the calendar), and a relief, showing the harvested field.

Other works are going to be showed on my www, soon.

Soon, summer will be here, so I'll have to create new tiny pictures with summer themes very soon.

And here is a picture I made for the children. It is funny and full of colours. I hope you like it :)! These works and some others will be on-sale tomorrow on a festival in Primorsak Region.

Enjoy the weekend! (Mine will be busy with work, but creative too :)!)

May 20, 2010

Creative process

...on my table...this week...

New, little pictures are 'soon to be born'. They are dedicated to the fields, soil and Slovene tradition.

Are you creative too (since there's no 'word' from you)?

May 17, 2010

Closed eyes

Have you ever tried to draw with closed eyes?

You need a paper and a pencil, then you close your eyes, slow down your thoughts and then start to draw. You just follow the pencil without thinking what will come out, or thinking about what do you draw.

It is a good feeling to 'just' draw without any thoughts and without wishing to draw something 'concrete'. You just relax and follow your inner self. Or you can choose one word to 'meditate' on it and draw while you're thinking of it...

The picture might turn out as interesting as this one:

If you do that every day, you can look at all the drawings that you've made and compare one to another. You will be surprised with the results! :)

Try it and tell me how do you like it! I always have lots of fun when I do that - I hope you will enjoy it too!

May 12, 2010


Have you seen any butterflies lately? I've only seen a few :(.
I miss them.

That's why I decided to bring some into my home.

You'll find them on www Dom in Stil, when you click on this link:

If you find a butterfly who is unable to fly, you can help 'him'. You warm it with your warm breath. Butterflies fly only when the weather is warm enough for them...

May 11, 2010

White maybe?

Look how we caught it among the larch trees with the Dom in Stil team:

* * * * * *white wedding* * * * * *

But if you prefer a picnic, there is something for you as well - if you click here:


May 10, 2010

My favourite place (water)

Here is my third part of my posts about my favourite place.
It is situated in Bela krajina Region (SE of Slovenia).

I esp. love this place because of the water. Without the river Kolpa, the nature would not be so green and full of life! Here you will hear sounds that you'd never hear in the town.

I adore river Kolpa and its beauty!

I love its colour!

It is not blue.
It is veeeery greeeeeeeeen!!

I remember how we used to listen to the sounds of the water-mill...

...and I remember how we used to build castles in the sand...

I love to listen to the river Kolpa.

The sounds are sooooo peaceful!

You will find a primeval forest at the river and a place where you can 'drink' eternal youth...

...and this is a place where even the trees are not 'just the trees'...

Come and visit one day :)!

Are there any places that you love and would recommend to us to visit?

May 09, 2010

My favourite place (on the ground)

Today I will show you the second part of my favourite place where I spent some free time a few days ago.
Greenery, greenery, greenery... in bloom...

It's good to spend some hours or days at a 'new' place to change the perspective. Another point of view opens our mind and brings new ideas, new thoughts...
Has it ever happened to you?

Anyway, my favourite part of my favourite place will be revealed next time... soon :)!

May 07, 2010

My favourite place (in stone)

This is a place where I love to be: old, tired houses and lots of green nature around them:

Time stops for a while, city life is forgotten... It is time for caressing grass, counting cracks between the stones, listening to the bees under the blossoming trees and whistling with singing birds.

But this is only a fraction of my favourite place. More follows soon...
(Can you guess where this place is?)

What about your favourite place?

May 05, 2010

Back to work

A short break, a sunshine and good moods were a good medicine for my body and soul.
Pictures from my trips will follow soon...

Of course, I was not 'just sitting around'.

Here are some fresh news:

On you will find my article about eco workshops.
On Dom in Stil you will see our 'action' shooting in nature (I was one of the photographers and assistants):
behind the scenes
how we do it
orange wedding
And today you will find me in Bled, where I'll have a workshop for the animators.
How fun is that?

Create a good day for yourselves as well!
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