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December 10, 2009

Giving thanks, giving gifts

When days are shorter and cold, it's time for warm hugs and gifts. It's time to give thanks to those you care about and show them your love and care with the gifts...

Therefore, first, this is my thanks to:
  • Drobtinice for the cute little gift via snail-mail

  • my friend Irma for the dreams
  • children for inspiration
  • loyal readers, viewers who like my stuff
  • my 'agent', who spreads the word of creatissimo around

  • the handy-guy, who creates a new creative space for me
  • our house which keeps us under one roof
  • and finally thanks to all the others who are modest, anonymous, silent, undetected, tiny, but have a biiiig heart for me and for other people.

After 'thanksgiving' comes the time for gifts of thanks. My gifts are on the go from December 1 already. They found some new owners in Logatec and they are still travelling around the World...

But some selected gifts are waiting, waiting for you. They are wrapped in a secret. They will be shown to the new owners only.
You'll have to make some effort to win a gift!

The rules to play are here:
  1. Every December post will have a question or a task to do. Comment every single one to get more 'points'.
  2. Write about creatissimo on your blog and link to it. Those who will do so many times, they will move higher on a gift-list.
  3. If you will have creatissimo on your blog list (your side-bar) to show that you read it every day, will automatically move to the 'priority' gift-list.
  4. Everyone who will participate with original ideas, using other media as well (music, poetry, video, photos, doodles, etc.), will be on the winning list for sure! Be creative!
The winner will not be picked by the machine, but personally by creatissimo. The more points you get, more chances to win a gift/gifts.

So, let's start the happy December! (But don't forget! - This is just a game, not a battle!)

Here is the first question for you: which part of your body is the most recognizable - it shows that you are 'you'? Write, draw, describe, sing ... The key to the secret gift is in your hands!

Good luck!

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