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December 15, 2010

No words...

...which would mean more than a 'thank you'.

Are you already waiting for the new post, new question? Have you missed me, because I was quiet for too long?

I tell you, these december postings went totally out of the planned route. I did not expect to get such open and personal responses, deep thoughts, and even personal contacts by email. I was prepared for a more playful, easy game.

But now I'm totally taken over by your great responses! And I am glad that this game became so personal, warm and connected us together! So much energy has been sent to me that I hardly can take it anymore! - I can't sleep because of excitement, I have butterflies in the stomach, my soul is singing... How can I say to all of these just a little, humble word: thanks?

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!... Not enough! It doesn't say enough!
I would like a word that would tell you that I am grateful. I would like a word that would describe the feelings of joy, because I can see that things are possible. I would like a word to give you a warm hug and protect you. I would like a word that would say more than a 'thank you'.

My previous post about the wishes and dreams has started a spark, a spark of hope! Some marvellous people contacted me offering help to make some of my dreams true. Imagine! Just when I almost started to believe to those who told me that my dreams will never come true here, the beautiful souls answered my hopes and prayers and will try to help. Thank you for your faith and support. I will definitely not forget this December!
If only I knew the word that would mean more than a word: thank you!

Well, I do have a tiny 'problem' now because of my posts and your reactions. I supposed to prepare (read: create) for the Xmas market in Zagreb (Croatia), where I'll go over the weekend. But the butterflies in the stomach, the excitement, enthusiasm, joy, gratitude, and communications with people who want to help me in achieving my wishes for others, don't give me any peace! I'm all into planning, exploring options, finding the ways, etc. - anything but creating! Oh, no!

Only three days are gone, but (my) world turns around in a completely different direction!
Really, there are no words that could describe those feelings!

Thank you for your dreams, thanks for your hopes and believing in a better tomorrow!

And today? There's a question for you, of course. Question no. 5:
If you would like to thank someone and the word 'thanks' would not be enough, what kind of your (created) gift would you give her/him and why? (you can also link to the product, if it can be seen somewhere on the net).

You are on my mind! Take care!

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