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June 23, 2010

Do you watch...

... soccer?

Through my creative eyes it looks like this:

PS: It was Slovenia : England game today. Slovene team had to say goodbye. But life is still colourful, right? ; )


Demoiselle Libellule said...

Yes, life is still colourful because we can make it colourful like you did with your lovely little drawing :-)


Bea (Germany is playing right now :-)

Valerie Hart said...

Sorry Jožica, I am not into the World Cup soccer matches taking place right now. But I think your little soccer drawing is lovely! Stopping by to say hello from a fellow Flying classmate. Blessings, xoxo Valerie

Heartfire At Home said...

What a fabulous drawing!!! Thank you so much for stopping by my corner of the world - so great to meet a fellow 'flyer'!

I've been watching the soccer a little, but the Aussie team (the Socceroos) went out last night. We finally won a match (lost one, drew one, won one), but we don't get to go through like we did last time. Oh well!

Will be busy watching the tennis (Wimbledon) now, but can't wait until the Tour de France.... I love that!! Only problem is it's on so late over here, and you have to stay up until around 2 in the morning to see the good bits (which makes work the next day a bit tricky!).

Linda. xox :)

Anonymous said...

italy had to say goodbye too...and those guy were supposed to be the champions. They played awfully. ( I love slovenia !!)

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