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June 09, 2010


Our neighbour had two cherry trees. One was reserved for us, the local children, the second one was reserved for them and was not for us. There was no need of course, because 'our' cherry tree was greater than theirs.
Each year we eagerly waited for the sign, when the cherries were ripe, so that we could climb and eat as much as we wanted.

Climbing on a very high cherry tree was the first adventure and a challenge, the second one was to eat as much as we've wanted. Our bellies have become true kegs! :)

Now we're adults and we don't do it anymore. I asked myself several times if I dare to climb a tree. I make a big fuss and make a whole ceremony to prepare a ladder, checking 10- times if it is safe to climb, etc., etc.. I'm sorry that I don't climb on trees anymore. I still remember the feeling of freedom when I was dangling from the highest branches...

However, the cherry-colored adventure with Dom in Stil team a few days ago was also fun! Even if rain surprised us in the middle of photoshooting.... Water was running behind our necks, into our shoes, on our cameras,... Umbrellas were travelling from hand to hand ... Have you ever tried to take pictures while you had an umbrella in one hand and a camera in the other??
We were good for a Candid Camera for sure! But, hey, we were creative, so that's not that bad, right?!

You'll find the cherry story and more pictures here:
Don't you just love those red-white-dotty combinations?!

Oh, well, I shouldn't talk too much about it - now my mouth waters at these thoughts... Yours?


Veronika said...

Why not set yourself a challenge to climb that cherry tree again and take a photo from up there? I bet the view would be stunning and that you could get some interesting photos that way :)

Creatissimo said...

Wow! What an idea, Veronika! Taking a picture from up there might be a great motivation for me as I'm crazy for taking pictures :)

Demoiselle Libellule said...

What a lovely photoshooting even with the rain challenging you a bit :-) I had a look at the rest of the series and I must say it is sooo nice! I love all the red and bright colours and the way everything is decorated!
And thank you so much for leaving such a friendly comment on my blog !!!
Yes, it is so wonderful to connect to so many creative people thanks to the flying lessons!



Kat said...

Mmmmm... looks lovely. I love the colors and depth of field in this photo! I found you on the Flying Lessons Facebook page. We're coming through Slovenia on a road trip this summer from Italy - maybe we can meet for some in person creativity!

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