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May 25, 2010

Right before...

...I get into action... my creative table looks like this (this time):

*'uniformed' table (that's how I call it)
*ceramic tiles for work surface (white, of course! -why? Well I'll tell you one day)
*redesigned pasta machine
*flattening tools in many shapes and sizes
*cutting tools
*gloves for 'surgical' work
*stamps and inks
*baking paper for 'just in case'
*a piece of polymer clay
*things to cover with polymer clay
*other little things which might be helpful
And the idea is there too, but since it is invisible, you can't see it on the picture ;).

How about your creative tables? - will you show them to us, curious people?

1 comment:

Sandy Byers said...

Oooh, this looks so creative and inspiring. Thank you for sharing the photos of your set-up.

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