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December 16, 2009

Eco Xmas cards

Everyone wants to surprise their dear ones with something special, something nice. I still love the old-fashioned way: handmade Xmas cards.

Today I will show you my 'eco Xmas cards'. They are made from used stamps, paper and small objects which are found everywhere around your home. You just choose the right colour combination (blue, red, silver etc.) to make your cards neat and in harmony.

You will need:
a – colour paper for your cards. The best is A4 format which is folded on half into A5 (in my case I used silver-blue paper). Bigger format of the card makes a greater effect and more creative freedom.
b – winter motives cut out of brochures, magazines, newspaper - in the right colours (mine are blue-red)
c – other interesting objects in the right colour (our cell-phone cards are useful sometimes)
d – used stamps from the country that you come from (to let the person know from where you are ;) )
e – used stamps from other countries – to 'talk' about peace, harmony, equal human rights, love
f – you can add some small Xmas decorations like stars from felt, snowflakes etc. (still in the right colour combination, of course)
g – and you can add some other objects from wood, metal etc. (I chose the ladybug to bring good luck)

You first organise every object on the card and when you're happy, glue everything on the Xmas card paper.
This way you will recycle lots of stamps, paper and other small things. Besides, you will make unique Xmas cards, isn't that great?!

It's good to sort your things (by the colour) for the cards before you start the creative process.

Here are some examples. This one is in orange-red-pink... combination

and here are some in red and white.

And here is a question No.2, if you want to get a Xmas present from me:
What kind of a Xmas card or greeting surprised you the most so far? (Maybe it was unique, unusual, no greeting at all…?)

For the rules to play jump here. (You can answer all the questions any time you want, if you joined us only today. The game will end on the last day of the year.

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