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April 30, 2011

Three in one

'Everything is possible' is what I can say for these holiday days.  For this 10-days break that we have here in Slovenia, I created a list of To Do's – of the things that were not able to be done during the working days and finally I reserved some time for them.

The result?

Today (when the holidays are almost over) I look something like this:

(the art work on the photograph is the work of my ex-mentor sculptor  Jakov Brdar)

The results are shown everywhere…

No change, but visually and physically I'm totally 'out'. You see, everything is possible! Somehow I managed to catch three things in one (for the Easter holidays): a cold, an allergy and virosis. All together!! If I'm lucky, I'll feel better just on time for the end of the holidays on Tuesday! :(

And then, I hope to put on another auction, another fresh post on the website and make another fresh photo, and…

Until then… don't forget that: everything is possible (I'm a living [thank God for that!] proof)! Cheers! ;)  

1 comment:

sonyamacdesigns said...

and the something ... like this ... is too cute!

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