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April 04, 2011

Magical world

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, in December 2010, magical things happened in the old place with Slovenian name Slovenjske Konjice. During the night, immediately after Christmas, fairytale heroes populated the old, abandoned shop windows of the old town. And when Santa came into the town with his sleigh and reindeer with gifts, along his way he shook the magic powder on the road and brought fairytale heroes into the life! And so the stories from the shop windows started to live...

You don't believe it??

Well, well, well, you non-believers! I was there and for all you who don't believe my words, I took some photos to show you the proof. Take a look!

The sweets were waiting for us at Hansel and Gretel:

Grandma was waiting in her bed for the little Red Riding Hood...:

...while the wolf was waiting for Red Riding Hood outside, in the dark:

Snow Queen was walking among the snowed trees:

The Prince visited Cinderella to see if the found shoe fits her leg:

Slippers Cat was waiting for someone who would forget the sleepers:

Sleepy Star tried to wake her sleepy eyes with starry dust:

Pehta was waiting for us in her bare feet and with her healing herbs for Love:

The good fairies at Cinderrela's place took me among them as well...:

...and turned me into a good fairy:

Magical world of fairy tales impressed me so much that I didn't manage to take lots of pictures of all the events there... And under the influence of good fairies and the magical dust I created four pictures (art works) of four fairytale heroines. Can you guess which four tales inspired me?

These four original art works are now given on auction for the phototherapy project this week. I hope that the happy owner (or owners) will be as inspired by them as me! :)

You are invited to the CreatissimoLab FB Page, where the action is taking place. PS: if you don't have a FB profile and you want to participate anyway, please, write to me via e-mail and I'll put your bid on FB for you.

Wishing you a beatiful, fairy magical day!

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