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April 21, 2011

Stop on time (for the holidays)

At the University of Art Education we had a professor who remind us a lot that, when painting we also have to be able to stop. Finish. End something. And really, Life is full of such moments that call for conclusions and new beginnings.

Stop on time when you enjoy the festive goodies.
Stop on time when you leave on vacation.
Stop on time when you create.
Stop on time when you criticize or praise someone.
Stop on time when you sigh about the unhappy or happy days.
Stop on time when you do the shopping.
Stop on time when you watch TV.
Stop... on time... Look at the Nature, which teaches us just that: to create, grow and complete = stop on time.

Wishing you great holidays! – the right ones!

PS: Thanks for the beautiful and warm thoughts in comments under my previous posts.

1 comment:

O. Joy said...

What a wonderful thought! A good thing to remember and take through life!

xxx Thank you for your sweet comments!

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