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March 04, 2011

Enter the Mardi Gras...

... crazy week!

Enjoy in the colors, laughter, go-away winter, greasy donuts and the masks!

Do the things that you haven't tried before and don't forget to be creative!

More about masks in words and pictures can be read in my last year's post: Masks... What are you most fascinated about the Carnival?

PS: I placed back the 'word verification' to the comments section, as I've got spam right after I turned it off. Therefore, please do not ask from me (or even threaten me like some people do) to withdraw the word verification... - obviously we have different experiences with it and some people actually use this with a reason. I promise that I will still read your blog even if I 'loose time' by entering the words for word verification when commenting your posts.
I respect your decisions...


1 comment:

sonyamacdesigns said...

The Carnival ... mask and secret environment ... gets my attention!

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