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May 25, 2011


I took a break, maybe I even escaped… I found my inner peace at my special place where I usually get my energy back. Among fields, meadows, woods, the river, stones… Besides collecting the blisters on my hands, I could afford a big, relaxing 'nothing'. I was observing. I was just looking at the grass…

…through a window:

…closely (after the rain):

…from far:

…in the wind:

…and the Sun:

And from another point of view:

Do you know that an ordinary grass can be an inspiration for creating, too: 

Have you looked at it (closly) lately, the grass? As you know, inspiration can be waiting for us right in front of our nose


Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

You have created beautiful images is so lovely to see the beauty in the things found all around us. Thank you for sharing!

Blessings & Aloha! has been long and getting late from work this week...don't think I am even able to get my one post a week up, this week!...but wanted to get to all the others on Kathie's fun Blog Tour!

Ruby said...

Your blog is very inspiring. For the last couple of years, grass has been the primary theme of my printmaking pieces. It's amazing how this very simple, and not too popular, piece of nature can be very therapeutic.

Thanks, and keep it up!

Creatissimo said...

Hi, Ruby. Thanks for the visit. Unfortunatelly I can't visit 'you' as I couldn't find a link... Would love to see how grass inspires you. I hope you'll get in touch. Thanks!

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