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May 12, 2011


Sometimes all it takes is a click and everything is different. There is no need to move mountains, swim across the Ocean, win the lottery or be the first at talent show. No need to know by heart at least five encyclopedias, survive cancer, test the drugs at least once, believe in miracles... Just a click and everything can be different.

(where, in which direction?)

Often we are so close to that kind and all sorts of clicks. We can only move with a finger, and it happens: an important click. With one click, you can change the direction of life events. Are we aware of this, are we aware of this power?

What will you click here and now that you'll achieve what you want?
Will you click a button on the phone and call a friend, someone you know?
Will you click on a switch and turn on the 'light' for someone?
Will you click on a ballpoint pen and write to someone to whom you didn't write for several years?

Just a click ...

 (a picture from our phototherapy project: 'Self-portrait' – looking inside. Author: M.)

Just click, just click...

And speaking of clicks:

Only a click is required to choose one of my illustrations that one or more children will feel the difference.
Just a click here is needed to answer the question of what you want to hear the most on this blog.
But sometimes all it takes is a click in our 'minds' in order to deepen our life paths...

Click, before it's too late!


1 comment:

Monica@The White Bench said...

Yes, I believe in the healing, inspiring power of photography. It works for me.
Thanks for this post, the shot is amazing.
Thank you also for visiting and for your always sweet words for me.

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