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May 21, 2010

So, what do you say?

We're going to Primorska tomorrow, my little pictures and me (and other stuff too ;)).

Here are a few finished works.
They are small - from 7,5 x 7,5 to 15 x 15 cm.
The theme is: fields.

First one was inspired by golden crops. Wheat field with its golden color radiates warmth, softness, peace. Everything around us 'fades' and leaves 'footprints' in our mind, while golden crops invite us to a new adventure.

Next picture shows cultivated fields. There's a tractor resting overthere and you can see remained straw and golden crops. People wrote songs, literary works, newspapers about fields, so I added a script on the painting.

This one is celebrating old farm tools that were used in the field. You can also see a calendar (as field works were strongly associated with the calendar), and a relief, showing the harvested field.

Other works are going to be showed on my www, soon.

Soon, summer will be here, so I'll have to create new tiny pictures with summer themes very soon.

And here is a picture I made for the children. It is funny and full of colours. I hope you like it :)! These works and some others will be on-sale tomorrow on a festival in Primorsak Region.

Enjoy the weekend! (Mine will be busy with work, but creative too :)!)

1 comment:

Helmi said...

Small works, but it looks great!
Groet, Helmi

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