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June 13, 2011


It is like days are turning around the same word again and again… The same word, but two meanings.
What comes on your mind when you see the word care?

Does it bring you positive feelings?

June is a month of positive feelings, I guess…
We feel good in our care for our gardens where we can see the first fruits of our work and care.
It is great to see our school-children, how they went through the school year with our care and now, they deserve a vacation. 
We feel good while we plan with care where to spend the summer this year…

But the feelings can be also negative…

We don't feel good when we care and worry about tomorrow and what it might bring.
We care about our work – are we good enough, smart enough, etc. 
We have negative feeling, when we care about what other people might say about us…
Worries, fears and that kind of care can block us and put us into the stress, discomfort.

The same word, but two meanings. Which meaning do you prefer?

Take CARE for your 'gardens', those in your towns or in the villages, in your heads or on your bodies. Your care will bear fruit for sure!
Good luck!

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