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September 05, 2010


When I happen to visit an old settlement like Štanjel, I like to check what is the atmosphere there among the old houses at first glance:

Stanjel Slovenia photo creatissimolab

I peek behind the corners and am admiring the works of stone craftsmen:

stanjel old walls photo

I look up for interesting chimneys with a personal touch:

I seek for old, cranky walls:

and vegetation, which brings the stony streets back to life:

In the end I choose my favorite look, which will be my inspiration in the days when I am not in the best mood, and when I forget to appreciate all the shiny moments around me.

How about you? Do you like old towns? Do they inspire you?


Robin Norgren said...

yes I LOVE OLD TOWNS so much! This is one of the things I miss with moving back to the States from Germany-I truly did not appreciate it as much as I should have!

Kerri said...

i love old chimneys too!
and old doors-

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