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August 05, 2010

New website!

Finally, the opening of new website!
There are some things to be added later, but most of the things are there, ready to be explored, so it's worth a look. (Click on the image to jump there).
The website is in Slovene and English, so you're very welcome there.

I have to admit that I'm very proud of myself as the whole site was made by me: the design, layout, system, etc - from A to Z. Also, all those computer-technical language was handled by me too. Therefore I am even more proud of myself.
I hope you will like it and that you will return for fresh news often.

If you find some typographical, grammer or technical trolls, please let me know. As I sat at the computer so much, sometimes I saw double, triple things, angular, circular; no words to describe it. PS: Well, apparently a few of you will have some problems if you have older versions of Internet browsers (eg IE6 and 7 are behaving weird), so upgrade your machines, if possible. Sorry, I could not get rid off these trolls :(.

So I finally deserve a short vacation, and when I'm back, there is another big thing waiting for me to be set: a new Etsy e-shop! Can't wait!

While I'm gone, take care and be creative as much as you can, ok? :)


Kerri said...

congrats! well done!

sydney @ memorable minutes said...

very nice. i'm so envious right now. i have got to become more web saavy!

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