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August 01, 2009

Going to: Dolenjska region

I went on a day-trip to Dolenjska region. Dolenjska is in the SE part of Slovenia.

Come with me and see what you can see : ) !

Let's go and see Forma Viva in Kostanjevica na Krki first. Do you know what Forma Viva is?

Oh, well. I'm not a big fan of wooden sculptures. I prefer 'real' trees instead.
So, I focus on interesting architecture, walls, stone... Many details get stuck in my digi-camera! See!

But the best part is the church! Such a superb architecture!!
In the church there's an exhibition of the artist Mojca Zlokarnik. Oh, I wish to have an exhibition in this gorgeous place as well! Wouldn't you?

There are other exhibitions over there, in the old ex-monastery (a gallery now). Some remind me of:

mosquitoes and aboriginal art

and seals:

But the best art works are created by the artist Janez Boljka. Many details, tiny little pieces, so many things to explore!

(If I was a male artist, I would look like the man on the picture on the right ; ) .)

Aren't they gorgeous?!

OK, let's go now to Pleterje. It used to be a castle ages ago, but now it's a monastery. The most interesting part for me is the church. It is very acustic. Every singer or a musician should go there and try it out!

The church is modest and 'warm'.

Finally, let's go to Novo mesto.

There's an international festival Fotopub 2009 there - a festival of documentary photography. I love pictures by Abbie Trayler-Smith, but the group exhibition in Narodni dom has some great pictures as well. You'll find some interesting, unique pictures everywhere! Excellent! You can read about the festival and see some pictures on the Fotopub site.

So, that was a short trip to Dolenjska region. More maybe next time. I hope you liked the places and the pictures. Maybe they are going to inspire you!

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