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July 05, 2009


How do you create a logo?
Logo is not a simple thing. It's a small thing, that's for sure! But it has to tell a lot!
So, how do we start to design a logo?

My way goes like this:
First I need to hear about the client's wishes.
Then I check the colours and fonts that would the best represent the client.
I also need to know what is the message the client wants to tell to the World.
Then the process begins.
I have to keep in mind how big (or better said: small) the logo will be (to keep it clear) and where it will be used (stationery, business-cards, pens, T-shirts, etc.).

At the end, all of your long-hours work won't show in the logo. However, you will know how successful were you in no time: the logo will either spread around quickly or not...


The theory up-there looks something like that in practice:

Logo for the children's programme during the World Peace Summit in Ljubljana

The client's wishes:
- the kids should like the logo - it should be designed for the kids
- it should represent the host country Slovenia
- there has to be water and hands - the symbols of the main World Peace Summit 'logo'
- presents the unity - no race discrimination
- the logo should send out the message of peace, hope, harmony and yoga...

For such a small logo, hm, that was a lot to ask from me. Anyway, I tried to mix them all together............and that's what came out:

What are your comments?
And how do you do your designing yourself?
Share your thoughts, pictures, creations... - we are curious already!!

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